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R. Friedman

Chicago, IL
" Sol was able to get me insurance on 3 apartment buildings in less than 3 hours. Something no one else was able to do for me, and I really needed it done same day for a closing. I was actually even more happy with the money he was able to save me on the premium. This was a tremendous help! "

David Dilmanian

Great Neck, NY
" We have used Sol Eisenberg to get insurance for our 400,000 square foot office park in Lansing Michigan. He knew his product and was very knowledgeable. We also saved a fortune using Evergreen versus traditional insurance companies. We are very pleased and are looking forward in working with Sol Eisenberg again. "

Dean P

Apollo Commercial
New York, NY
" I am posting this here to say bravo to Sol and this company, these guys are great.... My client got the same amount of coverage needed, for literally almost 50% of the cost of what the regular insurance agents were offering to him that we deal with. Evergreen surely is were you want to get you insurance if you are looking for good pricing and service. Not to mention it took them under 24 hours to wrap the insurance up! They made me a believer, a customer and a friend.... Evergreen will save you money and do it in a fraction of the time!!!! "

David Rosenberg

Island City, Queens
" Evergreen Insurance saved me literally more than 50% on my landlord insurance. I used to pay approx. $11,000 for 1 year, now I'm paying like $16,000 for 3 years. Plus they even included flood insurance which my previous carrier never offered me! On top of all that I was extremely impressed of their quick responses and total devotion to resolving any issue. (i.e. my bank mistakenly sent out a wrong payment amount from my escrow account, and in less than a day they tracked it down and sent the refund to my bank the same day.) These guys are angels! "

Laura S.

Cincinnati, OH
" My old insurance broker let me know a day before my renewal that Middleoak Insurance is not renewing, due to their new guideline of at least 11 units and up... My attorney recommended Evergreen. I called them up (just hoping to get some kinda coverage in place, expecting that I won't get it for the cheap price I paid with Middleoak) and within 24 hours we bound a new policy which even saved me 15%. I would highly recommend them. "

By Jason R.

New Haven, CT
" I’m an owner of a commercial building in New Haven, CT. As my tenant who occupied my building for many years was leaving to a new location and thus vacating my building, my insurance carrier was about to double my premium (while I wasn’t even collecting any rent to cover the usual costs...) due to the building being now completely vacant. That’s when I called up Evergreen, and less than 24 hours later they offered me a package which ended up costing me even less than I used to pay while it was fully occupied. That’s what I call a good deal. And I'm glad I found you Sol! "

By Kevin Davidson

Monsey, NY
" I called Evergreen when we decided to switch insurance brokers for our real estate holdings. What I expected was a quote and a pushy sales-guy convincing me why to bind with them. What transpired proved to me that Evergreen care more about my insurance coverage than their profit margin. Sol walked me through every endorsement on my policy explaining what I did need and where I was wasting my money. He then worked with my lenders and got them everything they needed (and they needed a lot). I have bound three more policies with them and every time received service unmatched in the industry. "

By Norm Tunnell

T Square Properties, Inc.
Westchester, NY
" I met Izzy as a walk-in cold call. I gave him a difficult matter to handle thinking I would get little result. He analyzed my account and quickly found ways to reduce my premium bo more than 40%. "

By Shahid Latif

Kaplan Management Group Corp.
New York, NY
" I will recommend Evergreen Insurance to anyone who is in need of insurance for real estate. "
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We have used Evergreen Insurance to get insurance for hour 400,000 square foot office park in Lansing Michigan. He knew his product and was very knowledgeable. We also saved a fortune using Evergreen versus traditional insurance agencies. We are very pleased and are looking forward in working with Evergreen again

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